WoCa Master Oil

Master Oil can be used on interior wood floors, stairs, panels and furniture.

Master Oil

for the basic finish of wood floors with machine

Master Oil may be used on all unfi nished, freshly sanded and freshly laid wood floors in all wood species. To be used on untreated and lye primed woodwork such as interior floors, stairs, panels, and furniture.

Attention: The Master Oil is not longer available. We recommend the Master Floor Oil instead.

Available Pot Sizes:
Master Oil is available in the container sizes of 1, 2,5, 5 and 10 litre containers and in the colours natural and white.

A polishing machine with beige polishing pad.
Paintroller and cotton cloths. Clean tools in Solvent.

oil parquet

1 l, 2,5 l, 5 l or 10 l

approx. 1 l per 10-15m²

Current recommended retail price

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Verarbeitung und Anwendung WoCa Master Oil Master Oil can be used on interior wood floors, stairs, panels and furniture.

How to do...

Master Oil is ideal for large areas. It is recommenable to use a polishing machine. The Master Oil Natural is mainly used on dark wood species and enhances the natural warm glow of the wood whereas light wood species are often fi nished with Master Oil White which maintains and protects the natural light colour.

1. The unfinished woodwork should be freshly sanded with grit 100-120. Clean with 125 ml Wood Cleaner mixed with 5 l water. The floor must be completely dry and free from dirt and grease before the oil application. Recommended wood moisture max. 12 %. The oiling is made at min. 18° C.

2. Shake oil container well before and during use. Apply the oil with a short-haired paintroller in an even coat onto approx. 5-10 m2 of floor. Leave the oil to be absorbed for 5-10 minutes. If dry spots appear, apply more oil.

3. Excess oil is removed or scraped onto next section of floor to be finished. The area is now polished with a beige polishing pad under floor machine until the area appears saturated. The floor should not appear wet and no excess oil should be left on the surface after polishing. Continue in sections until the whole floor has been finished.

4. After 6-8 hours or when dry enough to walk on the floor should be buffed with white polishing pad. If a silk-mat surface is required, the finished floor may be buffed with 100ml Master Oil to 15 m2 of floor.

This is done after the pre-hardening time and the oil must be polished carefully into the floor. Remove any excess oil from the surface. After 12 hours the floor may be used with caution. The surface is fully hardened after 36-48 hours. Do not expose the floor to water during the hardening time.

Please notice:
Risk of self-ignition! Due to the risk of self-ignition it is important that sanding dust and oil wetted cloths are soaked in water and disposed of in a tightly closed container after use.

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