WoCa Processing Equipment

The equipment for the professional processing of WOCA products.

Processing Equipment

for the effective and efficient processing

On this site, you find some informations about processing equipment that will help you to get optimal results – from the wiping help to the plate machine.

Using the right tools saves a lot of time and nerves as well - in particular when you process the WOCA products manually.

Wiping and Cleaning

From the wiping help to dish machine can be - At WOCA you'll find processing equipment which helps you to work effectively and safely.

Especially when you apply the products manuallay using the right tools provides good results and serves time and nerves. With a Swepmop for instance, wooden floors can be cleaned and maintained quickly and thoroughly. Therefore, the Swepmop ist the ideal tool for the processing of soap lyes. The System Mop ist easy to handle and has a special wring out technique without additional mechanical help.

Pads and Padholder

Pads are very versatile tools. They can be used for scrubbing the floor with cleaner or to apply gently treatments like oil or wax. For optimal results, the pads should be combined with a corresponding pad holder or polishing machine.

For the application of Oils and oil-based wood care you need the appropriate pads. Padholder allow you, to apply the products on larger areas without becoming tired.


With an appropriate dish machine you can process large areas quickly and correctly. Whether it's a basic treatment or a cleaning, our high quality pads for the plate machines ensures perfect results.

Because of their wide range of accessoires, the machines can be used for polishing, scrubbing, shampooing, sanding, and for removing grease and dirt.

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