WoCa Outdoor Wood Products

Wood decking is treated and maintained with WOCA Decking Oil after a treatment with Decking Cleaner.

Outdoor Wood

Priming - Finishing - Maintaining - Cleaning

Efficient treatment of new and old furniture

A proper finish prolongs the durability of the garden furniture considerably. WOCA Garden Furniture Oil contains a strong UV-fi lter which minimizes the bleeching of the wood caused by the damaging UV-rays of the sun. Furthermore, the oil penetrates deeply into the wood where it forms a water-resistant layer. The fungicide in the oil prevents green growth and with the right maintenance and aftercare the garden furniture remains beautiful and resistant to sun, wind and weather for many years. Regular cleaning may take place with WOCA Wood Quick. However, should your garden furniture need a face lift owing to green growth and heavy dirt, you may use the cleaning system WOCA Deep Cleaner A & B.

Protecting your wood decking

Wood decking is treated and maintained with WOCA Decking Oil to avoid a mat and dull appearance. Old, worn down decking may look as new after a treatment with Decking Cleaner which cleans deeply into the wood grain of most wood species – also pressure-treated wood – quickly and efficiently.

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