WoCa Woodcare Systeme

The WoCa System ist suitable for the efficient and effective cleaning and care of indoor and outdoor wood.

Advantages of the product range

Over a period of 30 years, WoodCare Denmark A/S has developed and extended its range of wood care products. We put maximum emphasis on product functionality in a fine integrated balance. Our product development is focusing on:


– the products are constantly optimised for their functionality through regular testing and in a close co-operation with craftsmen in the fi eld of wood fl oors, garden furniture, and woodwork generally.

Logical ranges

– the products are developed and improved in series, which are interlinked for specifi c areas of applications.


– the products are based on natural raw materials excluding artificial colour pigments, perfumes, or preservatives ensuring a highly environmental profile.

30 years of experience

– are the basis of the present WOCA product range for finishing, maintaining, and renovating wood based products.

Traditions, values, and attitudes

…from the maritime world are important marks of bearing, when we develop new products. The starting point is always the ultimate functionality of the products. They should be able to withstand the influence from the surrounding environment and be efficient and reliable in use – precisely like a ship and the tackle and the tools used on board.

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