WoCa Indoor Basic Finishing

An intensive and effective basic finishing of indoor wood with woca woodcare products

Basic Finishing

Prior to an oil, wax or lacquer finishing, the wood must be completely clean, which means free from dirt and grease. Clean the wood with WOCA Wood Cleaner mixed with water in the recommended ratio. Ensure that the wood is completely dry before you treat it. Remove rising wood grain by sanding lightly with sandpaper.

Panel White

• Lightens up panels and ceilings made of light woods
• Gives a white wash finish
• Keeps the natural grains of the wood

Interior Lacquer

• To be used on doors, frames, windows, kitchen doors, furniture etc.
• Water-based
• Quick drying
• Gives a hard-wearing, easy to clean, and silky surface

Interior White

• Lightens up yellowed wood indoors
• Gives a maintenance friendly surface
• Provides the wood with a hard-wearing surface

Worktop Oil

• Strong protection against water, dirt and grease
• For both light and dark wood species
• Enhances the natural wood grain

Worktop Gel

• For oil-treated wooden surfaces
• Refreshes and gives the wood a dirt- and water-repellent surface

Oil Mousse

• Easy to apply
• Low consumption
• Does not create blotches
• Does not drip
• Applicable on vertical surfaces

Furniture Oil

• For all untreated and lye treated wood surfaces indoors
• High penetration
• Highly dirt and water resistant
• Enhances the natural wood grain

Bees’ Wax/Bees’ Wax Fluid

• For finishing of small area
• Water and dirt resistant
• Enhances the natural structure of the wood
• Solvent free

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