WoCa Indoor Products

The Woca indoor products are suitable for the finishing, maintaining and cleaning of indoor wood

Indoor Wood

Finishing - Maintaining - Cleaning

Yellowed wood

Wood ceilings and panels will inevitably yellow if they are not lye primed before installation. If the wood has turned yellow, we have an easy and cost efficient solution. WOCA Panel White lightens up dark ceilingmand panels, so they get a beautiful appearance which will last for many years. Beside white, Panel White is also available in extra white, which gives the wood an even lighter appearance.

Ceilings and panels

Not only floors and wood products need the right care and maintenance – also many other wood surfaces indoors are infl uenced by the environment which they are exposed to. WoodCare Denmark has developed a number of products for special treatment of interior wood, which has become dull or which is exposed to daily influences. These developments provide the wood surfaces with a long – and in most cases, even a rejuvenated appearance.

Effective finishing of new and old furniture

In recent years, the full appreciation of natural qualities of wood has become increasingly more evident. The elegant look and the fine qualities of wood are often seen in design of new furniture and applied art in wood, just as many choose to give new life to wood products by means of sanding or acid washing. Wood furniture and applied art need a hard-wearing finish and consequently maintenance. For this
purpose, WoodCare Denmark has developed a number of oil and wax products for the protection and maintenance of wood surfaces.

Protecting your worktop

WOCA Worktop Oil is especially developed for basic fi nishing and maintenance of kitchen and table worktops. The oil penetrates deeply inside the wood and ensures high resistance to dirt, water, and grease which the worktop is exposed to daily. At the same time, regular maintenance ensures that the wood keeps it natural glow for many years.

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