WoCa Outdoor Cleaning

The Cleaning Products of WoCa are suitable for all outdoor wood surfaces and floors.


Prior to oil finishing, weather-beaten wood must be cleaned carefully to remove dirt, grease and green
growth completely.

All cleaning agents are highly efficient on contact with dirty and over grown wood work. Cleaning should be made in a place with easy access to drainage and it is recommendable to protect garden tiles etc. with plastic sheets in order to avoid discolouring. It is furthermore recommendable not to work in direct sunlight.

Multi Cleaner

• For the cleaning of garden furniture and other exterior objects
• Can be used for objects made of wood, PVC, polyrattan and steel

Wood Quick

• For the regular cleaning of outdoor wood
• Provides a nice and clean surface
• Applicable on all exterior wood work

Deep Cleaner A & B

• Cleaning system for in depth cleaning of extremely overgrown outdoor wood
• Deep-Cleaner A dissolves oil and dirt deep into the woods
• Deep-Cleaner B neutralizes Deep-Cleaner A and brings out the natural wood colour
• To be used unthinned or mixed with water 1:3 for weathered hardwood furniture
• To be used thinned with water 1:3–1:5 for light cleaning of soft- and hardwood garden furniture

Decking Cleaner

• Does not harm vegetation
• Applicable on any outdoor wood
• Gives a nice and clean surface
• Adds extra protection to the wood against green growth

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