WoCa No1 System

WOCA No1 is a high-quality woodcare system with products which extend the life span of wooden surfaces.

WOCA No1 Woodcare System

A unique combination of excellent usability and amazing, long lasting results.

Intensive Cleaner
• For the deep cleaning of wooden surfaces
• Prepares wood perfectly for a following treatment or maintenance

Oil Floor Soap
• For the cleaning of oiled, wax treated oder soaped wooden surfaces
• Environmentally friendly cleaner

Wood Floor Oil
• For the basic treatment of wooden floors
• Extremely hardwearing oil with a high coverage

Maintenance Oil
• For the maintenance of oil-treated wooden floors
• Protects the wood against and gives the surface a warm glow

Lacquer Floor Soap
• For the cleaning of lacquered surfaces
• Can also be used for vinyl and laminate

Lacquer Care
• For the maintenance of mat lacquered floors
• Extends the lifespan of the floor lacquer

Wood Floor Lacquer
• For the treatment of light-coloured, untreated wood types
• For a breathable, self-matting, flexible and silky-smooth finish

• Part of the No1 Floor Lacquer System
• Isocyanate-free and highly efficient

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