WoCa No1 Wood Floor Oil

The WOCA No1 Wood Floor Oil gives wooden floors a water-resistant surface.

Wood Floor Oil

for the basic treatment of wooden floors

The No1 Wood Floor Oil is an extremely hardwearing oil made of the best raw materials. The oil uses the Hyper Cross Linking Technology, which makes the surface resistant against fluids like water. The high solid content increases the coverage of the product noticeably.

Available Pot Sizes:
The WOCA No1 Wood Floor Oil is available in the container sizes 2.5 and 5 l and in the colour shade natural.

Polishing machine with red oder beige polishing pad, paintroller, lint-free cotton cloths

Wood Floor Oil for wooden surfaces

2,5 and 5 liter in the color shade natural

approx. 1 liter per 20 ‐ 25 m²

Current recommended retail price

no1woodflooroil können Sie online im WoCa Shop bestellen

Verarbeitung und Anwendung WoCa No1 Wood Floor Oil The WOCA No1 Wood Floor Oil gives wooden floors a water-resistant surface.

How to do...

1. Sand the surface with sandpaper (grit 100-120). Clean the floor with an intensive cleaner mixed 1:40 with water. Let the floor dry completely for at least eight. Then you can start to apply the wood floor oil.

2. To avoid color differences, shake the canister well and mix canisters with different BATCH numbers together.

3. Apply the oil with a short-haired paint roller evenly and generously on the wood. Let ist absorb for 10-15 minutes and then polish it into the wood with a polishing machine. The wood must be saturated and may not appear wet. So take off excess oil with a cotton cloth.

If a more resistant or a silk-mat surface is required, the surface should be polished about 6-12 hours after the first application with 100 ml per 10 m² wood floor oil.

After 24 hours, you can walk on the floor carefully. During the hardening time of 3 days the floor should not be exposed to water. After the hardening time, the floor can be cleaned with an appropriate floor soap.

Please notice:
Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not inhale or swallow

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